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Toppings - *Slices of Eye-of Round Steak (Rare) -Ti or Slices of Well-done Brisket Chn, Well-done Flank- Nạm , Fat Brisket- Gầu, Soft Tendon-Gn, Bible Tripe-Sch, Skirt Flank-V Dn, Meatballs B Vin.
PHO 98 SPICY BEEF NOODLE SOUP - Phở 98 Bn B Huế:  $ 9.25
Description:  For advanced PHO lovers: Different kind of noodles w/ spicy hot beef noodle soup & fine beef shanks & remember to ask sate hot sauce for more spicy hot. Youll love it! Comes in large size only.
Cuisine: Vietnamese

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