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ZingFling.com officially launched on June 1, 2006. ZingFling was conceived and designed by the team at Ecropolis, LLC. a cutting edge Internet technology firm. Zingfling empowers restaurant owners and operators to bring their business online in a powerful way that puts the Internet to work for them. Zingfling is an any easy-to-use system with a back office that lets the restaurateur fully manage a comprehensive, restaurant-focused tool set completely from a standard web browser. More important than the easy management is the front-end where each restaurant has it's own comprehensive website. Web users that land on a Zingfling generated site will find an attractive, well organized site with an “about us” overview, information on deliveries, parking, hours, price range and payment options. There's an area for photos, and another areas for downloads, which could be photos, flyers, catering information, etc. Web users will be especially interested in the specials and coupons being offered and they can enter their email to be updated when new coupons and specials come online. There are links to the restaurant's entire menu and if the restaurant is ready to really make their ZingFling site go to work, they will have the option to turn on the Zingfling online ordering system. If the user is ready to find their way to the restaurant location, they can follow another link to a google generated map.


Looking for a meal? Tired of the corporate controlled dinning experience? Direct your browser to Zingfling.com. The ZingFling search engine is the most intelligent in the meal searching business. Filter your search by location, cuisine, price range, even down to the dish. For example: I want to find a Gyro in downtown Columbus, Ohio in the $10 price range--and it's late so we better make sure their open past 11 PM. A few clicks and there you have it--complete with details and directions... place your order online and it's ready when you arrive.


The Zingfling system puts the power to manage the restaurant website into the hands of the operator. Here are some of the modules Zingfling built to make the website work.

“About Us” Section - A small area where the restaurant can put any information they want and easily edit it at any time. The back office includes an HTML editor that allows the user to easily do custom formatting, i.e. coloring, bolding, etc.

Downloads - A module that allows the restaurant to upload files including images, text, word documents, and PDF's. A great way to customize the ZingFling site and add information where there's not another facility for doing so. Some examples would be handbills for bands or other special events, catering menus, photos of the interior.

Hours - A module where the restaurant can input and edit their hours of operation and other information pertinent to hours such as holiday information.

Email List Management - Website users can subscribe to any restaurant location's email list and choose what exactly they want to be updated on: specials, coupons and announcements. The system is double opt-in, which means that when someone subscribes they are sent an email to verify that they are the person that signed up and ensure that they confirm by simply clicking a link that they want to receive emails from Zingfling. (Zingfling isn't cool with spam.) From the back office the restaurant can view the subscriber list and perform various management functions. They can compose and post any message desired to the list and it will be received by those that have chosen to receive "announcements."

Coupon Generator - Configure and manage coupons.
Choose from a set of coupon templates, set the coupon text headline, offer text, and disclaimer. Choose a start date as well as an expirations date. The coupon graphic is instantly generated and ready to print. The coupon will automatically go live on the chosen start date and of course disappear when it expires. The cool thing is that when it does go live the system automatically shoots an email to all of the restaurant location's email subscribers. The management system allows the restaurant to line up as many coupons as they want with start dates and expiration dates and the system does the rest of the work. There's also a separate coupon/discount code system in place the works with our online ordering system--read on for more information.

Specials Management - Configure and manage daily/weekend/monthly specials
No more faxing out the daily specials every morning. Restaurants can line up their specials with start dates and end dates and let ZingFling do the rest. At midnight your daily special will go live to the site and fire off an email to every subscriber on their email list with all of the specials included.

Menu Management - Zingflingers will load up your entire menu into the powerful zing database; but from there on, the restaurant operator can easily and completely manage their entire menu. Any restaurateur can easily Add/edit category sections and menu items. Each menu item can store the name of the item, description, price for lunch and dinner, a photo, nutritional information, and don't miss our spice meter. The more information loaded into the database the better--keep in mind it's all searchable.

Pizza Builder - Especially for the pizzeria, ZingFling tackled the challenging task of building a flexible and fully functional online pizza making application. The pizzeria can pre configure pizzas to match their menu--and the web user can totally reconfigure and customize any pie they want. Web users even have the flexibility to add toppings to pizza halves. ZingFling is excited to have built a system that allows the local neighborhood pizzeria to compete online with the corporate owned pizza chains.
The pizza builder is only used in conjunction with online ordering so keep reading to learn more about this awesome system.

Online Ordering - This is an optional system that restaurants can choose to turn on or off. Online ordering turns the restaurant's menu into a shopping cart type system allowing web users to build their own custom order. The features in this system alone are incredible. The first question from restaurant owners is always, "how can I check my site or email to fill online orders?" The most amazing thing about this system is that it sends users' orders to the restaurant's fax machine (and email). In the back office, the restaurateur can take menu building a step further by adding menu modifications; that is each item can be configured to add modifications that the restaurant can charge extra for or not. For example, a restaurant's steaks include an optional fried onion topping for an extra $1. You configure it up and web users will be able to select it when the order. Web users also have an area where they are able to type in "special instructions," such as how they want that steak cooked. This is a cutting edge system that adds incredible value to any restaurant's business.

ZingFling works as a cooperative marketing program for locally owned restaurant businesses. Once a viable level of restaurant owners have signed on in a market area, ZingFling will reinvest a percentage of all proceeds into ZingFling marketing campaigns designed to bring local residents to ZingFling.com and get them into the local eateries.


Ecropolis is an innovative Internet business that for many years has offered cutting edge web design, web programming, ecommerce solutions, consulting and custom web hosting solutions to its clients. Founded in 2000 during a trying time in the dot com sector. Since that time Ecropolis has seen modest growth. In 2005 Ecropolis set out on a new mission to build cutting edge web tools that could be shared by like members of the small business community. Ecropolis puts fortune 500 technology into the hands of small business owners within the same price range that they would pay for standard web hosting services. For more information please visit ecropolis.com


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