Celebrate India
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Our Menu

 : lunch
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  A traditional Indian pudding with grated carrots
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  House specialty - sliced apple, banana and pineapple batter fried and dipped in simple sugar served with home made ice-cream
   Rasmalai $3.95,  $3.95  
  Flattened cheese patties in rich flavored milk
   Badam-Kesar Kulfi $4.95,  $4.95  
  Indian ice-cream of almond and saffron
   Gulab Jamun with Vanilla Ice-Cream $3.50,  $3.50  
  The hot-n-cold classic made of warm milk-based balls in honey syrup

Entrees - Tandoori
Tandoor is a clay oven powered by raw burning charcoal, wherein meat is struck on skewers and grilled to perfection
   Boti Kabab ,  $13.95  
  Boneless cubes of succulent lamb meat, marinated and grilled
   Peppercorn Lamb Chops ,  $13.95  
  Tenderloin chop smothered with freshly ground peppercorn and lemon juice
   Seekh Kabab ,  $13.95  
  Minced meat mixed with onions, garlic and spices and stuck on a skewer
   Tandoori Shrimp ,  $14.95  
  Jumbo sized shrimp take the heat plunge
   Chicken Reshmi Kabab ,  $11.95  
  White meat of chicken seeped in mild sauces and grilled
   Paneer Shaslik ,  $9.95  
  Cubes of homemade cheese grilled in the oven with onion, tomato and bell pepper
   Tandoori Chicken ,  $11.95  
  Half of a spring chicken spiced with Kashmiri red chilies, yogurt, ginger and garlic
   Tandoori Salmon ,  $14.95  
  A hearty fillet of salmon married with spices comes happy out of the oven
   Chicken Tikaa ,  $11.95  
  Boneless cubes of chicken marinated with yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, saffron and spices and grilled

Small Bites
   Bhel Puri ,  $3.95  
  A Bombay favorite - Mix of chopped onions, tomatoes, rice crispies and spicy sev
   Masala Dosa ,  $7.95  
  Crisp paper-thin crepe stuffed with a potato mixture
   Medu Vada ,  $3.95  
  Deep fried savory 'doughnuts' of rice & lentils
   Vada Pav ,  $3.95  
  Bombay's roadside popular fast food - Indian style burger made of spicy potatoes and onion
   Papri Chaat ,  $3.95  
  A cool medley of yogurt with boiled potatoes, chickpea, flour crispies and tangy chutneys
   Lamb Shammi Kebab ,  $6.95  
  Sure to melt in your mouth, fried minced lamb and lentils patty
   Chicken Kati Rolls ,  $5.50  
  Shredded tandoor cooked chicken rolled in a roti - an Indian tortilla
   Vegetable Kati Rolls ,  $4.50  
  The vegetable version with shredded and spice-spiked carrots, cabbage, onions
   Classic Idly ,  $3.95  
  Good old steamed cakes of South India
   Pav Bhaji ,  $5.95  
  A tasty puree of vegetables served with loaf of bread
   Vegetable Samosa ,  $3.95  
  Ever popular Indian turnovers filled with potatoes and peas

Entrees - Non-Vegetarian
   Chicken Tikka Makhani ,  $12.95  
  Boneless chicken grilled in a Tandoor oven and finished in a velvety tomato based butter sauce
   Lamb Vindaloo $13.95,  $13.95  
  Spicy Goan speciality dish with lamb
   Chicken Chettinad $12.95,  $12.95  
  South Indian fiery chicken sauce with fresh roasted peppercorns
   Saag Ghost $13.95,  $13.95  
  Rich flavorful boneless lamb cubes roasted with fresh spinach
   Chicken Saagwala ,  $11.95  
  White meat of chicken in spinach gravy
   Goan Shrimp Vindaloo $13.95,  $13.95  
  Hot & piquant with vindaloo with shrimps
   Chicken Malai Khorma ,  $12.95  
  Boneless chicken in a rich white sauce with nuts
   Malabar Fish Curry $13.95,  $13.95  
  Cubes of tilapia in a coconut based curry sauce
   Kholhapuri Chicken Curry ,  $11.95  
  A traditional hot & spicy chicken in sauce

   Paratha $2.50,  $2.50  
  Flaky whole wheat bread interspersed with butter
   Garlic Naan $2.95,  $2.95  
  Leavened white flour bread spiked with chopped garlic
   Onion Kulcha $2.50,  $2.50  
  Leavened refined flour bread stuffed with spiced onions
   Stuffed Shahi Naan $3.25,  $3.25  
  Upgrade your naan with stuffed cheese, nuts and raisins
   Roti $1.95,  $1.95  
  Unleavened whole wheat flour bread from the Tandoor
   Puri $2.50,  $2.50  
  Puffed whole wheat bread
   Naan $1.95,  $1.95  
  Leavened white flour bread baked in Tandoor oven

Soups & Salads
   Malabar Shrimp Soup ,  $4.95  
  A hearty shrimp soup with coconut milk
   Tandoori Chicken Ceasar Salad ,  $5.95  
   Mulligatwany Soup ,  $3.95  
  Lentil soup popular in the continents
   Indian Green Salad ,  $3.95  
   Tomato Rasam ,  $3.95  
  A heart warming aperitif of boiled tomato extract with peppercorn and spices
Entrees - Vegetarian
   Paneer Makhani $9.95,  $9.95  
  Cubes of home-made cheese in a tomato based sauce
   Aloo Gobhi $9.95,  $9.95  
  Potatoes and cauliflower steamed in a sauce of onions, ginger, garlic and spices
   Baingan Bharta $9.95,  $9.95  
  Puree of eggplant cooked to perfection
   Bhindi Do Pyasa $9.95,  $9.95  
  Sliced Okra with onions, tomatoes and green pepper
   Palak Paneer $9.95,  $9.95  
  Cubes of home-made cheese and Spinach cooked with mild spices
   Khumb Malai Mutter $9.95,  $9.95  
  Mushroom combined with peas in a rich cream sauce
   Channa Masala $9.95,  $9.95  
  Cooked chickpea with onion, tomato and spices
   Navrattan Khorma $9.95,  $9.95  
  Medley of carrots, beans, peas, cauliflower and cashews in a flavorful mild sauce
   Malai Kofta $9.95,  $9.95  
  Potato and cheese dumplings in rich gravy with nuts
Biryani is flavored basmati rice steamed with spices and the meat or vegetables
   Chicken Biryani $11.95,  $11.95  
   Plain Basmati Rice $2.50,  $2.50  
   Lamb Biryani $12.95,  $12.95  
   Vegetable Biryani $10.95,  $10.95  
   Shrimp Biryani $13.95,  $13.95  
   Raita $3.50,  $3.50  
  A cooling yogurt dipping sauce with cucumber
   Mango Chutney $2.00,  $2.00  
  A must have accompaniment
   Yellow Dal Tadka $6.95,  $6.95  
  Split yellow lentil cooked and seasoned with cumin seeds, turmeric and green chilies
   Pappad $2.00,  $2.00  
  Roasted flat lentil crispies with a spicy kick
   Dal Makhani $6.95,  $6.95  
  Black lentils simmered overnight on a charcoal oven with onions, ginger, garlic and spices