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Our Menu

 : lunch
   how to write an essay about racism ,  $19.55  
  fresh whole fish marinated in wine and ginger, coated with lotus flour, fried crispy and covered with a curry sauce
   answers to accounting homework now ,  $16.95  
   apa format proposal example $6.95,  $12.25  
  jumbo shrimp with sauteed with a variety of fresh vegetables in a white sauce
   Scallops with Black Bean Sauce $6.95,  $12.95  
  Jumbo sea scallops sauteed with green peppers and onion in a spicy black bean sauce
   Hunan Shrimp $6.95,  $12.25  
  Jumbo shrimp stir-fried with broccoli, mushrooms, carrots and baby corn in a spicy brown sauce
   Sweet and Sour Shrimp $6.25,  $12.25  
  Jumbo shrimp fried golden brown in a fruity sweet and sour sauce
   Szechuan Shrimp $8.95,  $12.95  
  marinated jumbo shrimp sauteed with onions in a spicy szechuan sauce
   Shrimp with Cashew Nut ,  $12.25  
  jumbo shrimp toss-fried with house roasted cashew nuts in a brown sauce
   Shrimp in lobster sauce ,  $12.25  
  tender jumbo shrimp sauteed in a rich egg velvet sauce
   Kung Pao Shrimp ,  $12.25  
  Jumbo shrimp toss-fried with chili peppers, vegetables and roast peanuts in a spicy brown sauce
   Shrimp and Scallops in Garlic Sauce ,  $14.55  
  Jumbo shrimp and sea scallops stir-fried with vegetables and garlic in a spicy sauce
   Seafood in a Sizzling Hot Pot ,  $14.55  
  jumbo shrimp, sea scallops and crab meat sauteed with fresh vegetables in delightful brown sauce

   Egg Roll (1) $1.15,  $2.75  
  With a mixture of ground beef, and vegetables.
   Bangkok Beef or Chicken Salad $5.50,  $6.95  
  Fresh garden salad with sliced Bar-B-Q beef or char-grilled chicken in house dressing.
   Pu Pu Tray (for two) $8.75,  $10.50  
  Included egg roll crab Rangoon, beef satay, Bar-B-Q ribs and shrimp tempura.
   Edamame $4.50,  $4.50  
  Steamed green soy beans with sea salt.
   Bar-B-Q Spareribs $4.75,  $6.25  
  Char-grille pork ribs with a special Bar-B-Q sauce.
   Crab Rangoon $4.25,  $5.25  
  Six (dinner) Crispy wonton skin stuffed with crab meat and cream cheese.
  Beef Satay $4.75,  $5.95  
  Bar-B-Q beef served with Thai peanut sauce and cucumbers.
  Chicken Satay $4.50,  $5.50  
  Skewered chicken marinated in coconut milk and char-grilled.
   Steamed Dumpling $4.50,  $5.50  
  Six (dinner) dumplings filled with a mixture of ground pork and cabbage.
   Pot Stickers $4.50,  $5.50  
  Six pan fried dumplings served with ginger sauce.
  Shrimp Tempura ,  $5.75  
  Four jumbo shrimp fried to golden brown.
   Yum Nua (Spicy Beef) ,  $7.50  
  Char-grilled beef mixed with chili peppers and lime juice.
   Rumaki ,  $4.95  
  Six marinated chicken livers wrapped in bacon.
  Larb ,  $5.25  
  Three lettuce rolls filled stir-fried ground beef, onions and green chili peppers. A popular Thai appetizer.
  Spicy Wonton ,  $4.95  
  Six dumplings stuffed with steamed ground pork and shrimp served with spicy peanut sauce.

   Wonton Soup $1.50,  $1.95  
  Ground pork and shrimp dumplings in a clear chicken broth.
  Hot and Sour Soup $1.50,  $1.95  
  Shredded pork, bean curd, mushrooms and bamboo shoots
   Chicken and Corn Velvet Soup $2.25,  $2.95  
  Minced chicken and creamy sweet corn in chicken broth.
   Shen Shen Soup (for 2) $5.50,  $6.95  
  Chicken, beef and shrimp with a variety of vegetables in chicken broth.
   Egg Drop Soup $1.25,  $1.65  
   Miso Soup $1.95  
  Tofu, seaweed and scallion
  Thai Seafood Lemon Grass Soup (for 2) ,  $7.50  
  Shrimp and scallops in hot and sour chicken broth enhanced with lemon grass adn lemon juice.

Rice and Noodle
   chicken yaki soba ,  $11.95  
   House Special Fried Rice $5.95,  $8.95  
  Beef, shrimp, chicken and roast pork.
   chicken, or roast pork, or veg Fried Rice $5.50,  $7.95  
  With your choice of chicken, veg or roast pork.
   House Special Lo Mein $5.95,  $8.95  
  Beef, shrimp, chicken and roast pork.
   chicken, or roast pork, or veg Lo Mein $5.50,  $7.95  
   Pud Thai ,  $10.95  
  very popular Thai rice noodles with your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, or pork with peanuts

Special Roll (Sushi)
(4-8 pieces per order)
   Rainbow Roll $11.95,  $11.95  
  Avocado, crabstick inside; tuna, salmon white fish on the top.
   Hawiian Roll $9.95,  $9.95  
  Spicy salmon, pineapple & cucumber.
   Spider Roll $10.95,  $10.95  
  Soft shell crab & scallion inside; fish roe outside.
   Rock and Roll $10.95,  $10.95  
  Eel, crabstick and cucumber inside; rice & masago outside
   Dragon Roll $11.95,  $11.95  
  Shrimp tempura inside; Eel on top.
   Shrimp Tempura $6.95,  $6.95  
  Deep fried crispy shrimp & mayo inside; rice & masago outside.
   Butterfly Roll $11.95,  $11.95  
  Inside: salmon, avocado, and crabstick Outside: covered with beautiful colors of fish roe

Spicy Roll
(6 pieces per order)
   Spicy Salmon Avacado Roll $4.95,  $4.95  
   Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll $4.95,  $4.95  
   Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail Roll $5.95,  $5.95  
   Spicy Scallop Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
   Spicy Shrimp Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
   Spicy Salmon Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
   Spicy Tuna Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
   Spicy California Roll $4.50,  $4.50  

   Seaweed Salad $4.95  
   Mixed Fruit Salad with Prawns ,  $6.95  
  Boiled jumbo shrimp and fresh seasonal fruits.
   Bangkok Grilled Chicken Salad ,  $6.95  
  Fresh garden salad with sliced char-grilled chicken, salad dressing contains red wine, vinegar and peanut with white white.
   Bangkok Beef Salad ,  $6.95  
  Fresh garden salad with sliced Bar-B-Q beef.

Maki Sushi
(6 pieces per order)
   Tuna Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
  Fresh tuna inside rolled in a seaweed wrap.
   California Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
  Imitation crab stick, avocado and cucumber
   Real Crab California Sushi Roll $5.95,  $5.95  
  Real crab meat, avocado and cucumber inside
   Tuna and Avocado $4.95,  $4.95  
   Eel and Avocado Roll $5.50,  $5.50  
   Shrimp Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
   Eel and Cucumber Roll $5.25,  $5.25  
   Salmon Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
  Fresh salmon inside in a seaweed wrap.
   Alaska Roll $4.95,  $4.95  
  Fresh salmon, avocado and cucumber inside rice on the outside.
   Salmon Skin Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
  Crispy salmon skin and cucumber inside; rice on the outside.
   Yellow Tail Roll $4.95,  $4.95  
  Yellow tai with scallions inside; seaweed wrap on the outside
   Boston Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
  Shrimp, cucumber, lettuce and mayonnaise
   Purcellville Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
  Crab stick with mayonnaise and avocado inside; rice on the outside
   Pork in Galic Sauce ,  $9.95  
  Shredded pork with mushrooms, peppers, and water chestnuts in a garlic sauce
   Philly Roll $4.50,  $4.50  
  Smoke salmon and cream cheese inside; rice on the outside.

   pork in garlic sauce ,  $10.50  
  shredded pork with mushrooms, peppers and water chestnut
   Hunan Pork ,  $10.50  
  Sliced tender pork sauteed in a spicy brown sauce with broccoli, mushrooms, carrots and baby corn
   Moo Shu Pork ,  $10.50  
  Shredded lean pork toss-fried with cabbage, mushrooms and scrambled egg in a wine sauce
   Sweet and Sour Pork ,  $10.50  
  Breaded pork in a house fruity sauce
   Twice Cooked Pork ,  $10.50  
  Sliced pork, toss-fried in spicy sauce with green peppers, bamboo shoots and cabbage

Sushi Dinner Entree
   Vegtable Roll Combination $9.95,  $9.95  
  Avocado roll, cucumber roll, & asparagus roll
   Sashimi Regular $16.95,  $16.95  
  10 pieces of assorted sashimi.
   Unagi don $19.95,  $19.95  
  Slices of fresh Eel over sushi rice.
   Tekkadon $19.95,  $19.95  
  Slices of fresh tuna over sushi rice.
   Chirashi $19.95,  $19.95  
  Assortments of fish over sushi rice.
   Spicy Roll Combination $11.95,  $11.95  
  Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy California roll
   Sushi Regular $15.95,  $15.95  
  6 piecies of nigiri sushi and california roll.
   Maki Combination $11.95,  $11.95  
  Tuna roll, salmon roll and Cucumber roll
Nigiri Sushi
(2 pieces per order)
   Scallop $4.95,  $4.95  
   Mackerel $3.95,  $3.95  
  Imitation crabstick, avocado and cucumber.
   Surf Clam $3.95,  $3.95  
   Crab Stick $3.95,  $3.95  
   Bean Curd $3.95,  $3.95  
   Flying fish roe $3.95,  $3.95  
   Egg Omlet $3.95,  $3.95  
   Shrimp $3.95,  $3.95  
   Octopus $4.50,  $4.50  
   Squid $4.50,  $4.50  
   Sweet Shrimp $4.95,  $4.95  
   Tuna $4.50,  $4.50  
   Salmon $4.50,  $4.50  
   Smoke Salmon $4.50,  $4.50  
   Salmon Roe $4.95,  $4.95  
   Flounder $4.50,  $4.50  
   Red Snapper $4.50,  $4.50  
   BBQ Eel $4.95,  $4.95  
   Yellow Tail $4.95,  $4.95  
   Seared Tuna $4.95,  $4.95  
   White Tuna $4.95,  $4.95  
   Rock Fish $4.95,  $4.95  
Express Lunch Combinations
Served with Egg Roll and Fried Rice
 C1 Hunan Beef $5.95  
 C2 Sweet & Sour Pork $5.50  
 C3 Pepper Steak $5.95  
C4 Kung Pao Chicken $5.95  
C5 Twice Cooked Pork $5.95  
   Moo Goo Gai Pan $5.75  
  Scallops in Black Bean Sauce $6.95  
   sauteed mixed vegetable ,  $8.95  
  sauteed broccoli, mushroom, carrots, cabbage, snow peas and cauliflower in a brown sauce
   Hot Braised String Beans ,  $8.95  
  pan-fried string beans in a spicy sauce
   Broccoli in Oyster Sauce ,  $9.25  
   Sauteed Snow Peas & Water Chestnuts ,  $9.25  
  Fresh snow peas and water chestnuts in white sauce
   Family Style Bean Curd ,  $9.25  
  Fried Bean Curd simmered in a rich brown sauce with fresh vegetables
   Curried Bean Curd ,  $10.25  
  Fresh bean curd sauteed with red curry sauce
   Pa-Nang Vegetable ,  $10.25  
   Chili Pepper & basil Beef ,  $11.55  
  sliced beef stir- fried with chili peppers, vegetables and fresh basil
   Pepper Steak ,  $11.55  
  Tender sliced beef stir- fried with green bell pepper ang onionS
   hunan Beef ,  $11.55  
  sliced beef sauteed in a spicy sauces with broccoli, carrots, baby corn and musshrooms
   Mongolian Beef ,  $11.55  
  Toss-fried tender beef with scallions and onions in a wine sauce, served with pancakes and plum sauce
   Szechuan Beef ,  $11.55  
  Shredded flank steak, celery, carrots and scallions sauteed in a spicy Szechuan sauce
   Beef Satay Sauce ,  $11.55  
  Tender marianted beef stir-fried with onions, peppers and fresh pineapple with a spicy satay sauce
   Crispy Beef ,  $13.55  
  Crispy shredded beef with green peppers,sweet peppers and bamboo shoots,toss-fried in a spicy sauce m
   Imperial Twin ,  $14.95  
  jumbo shrimp and filet mignon steak cubes stir-fried in a house brown sauce with broccoli, mushrooms, snow peas and carrots
   Orange Beef ,  $13.55  
  selected thick cuts of flank steak, fried to a crispy golden brown, toss- fried in an orange flavored sauce
   Filet Mignon, Hong Kong Style ,  $14.95  
  Marinated filet mignon, broiled to perfection, served with onions, scallions and tomatoes in a sizzling hot pot
   Steak and Scallops in a Sizzling Hot Pot ,  $14.55  
  Tender steak and sea scallops sauteed with broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms and baby corn
Pen's Oriental Kitchen Signature Sushi Roll
   Pens Diva $12.95,  $12.95  
  (8 pieces) Lumb Crab, Spicy Mayo, Crunchy Tempura Flake, Avocado, Tuna, Salmon, and topped with Black Tobiko.
   Dynamite $9.95,  $9.95  
  (6 pcs) Salmon and tuna baked with lump crab meat on top
   Creamy Diva $9.95,  $9.95  
  (8 pieces) Shrimp tempura, avocado, warm crab stick, citris tobiko top.
   Snow White $13.95,  $13.95  
  (6 pieces) White tuna, cucumber, tomato, mint and ponzu sauce
Vegetarian Roll
(6 pieces per order)
   Cucumber Roll $3.50,  $3.50  
   Avocado Roll $3.50,  $3.50  
   Asparagus Roll $3.50,  $3.50  
   Veggie Futomaki Roll $3.50,  $3.50  
   Pickled Radish Roll $3.50,  $3.50  
   Shitake Mushroom Roll $3.50,  $3.50  
   Japanese Sqaush Roll $3.50,  $3.50  
   Vegetable Special $3.95,  $3.95  
  Pickled radish, cucumber, and avocado.
   Chow Shan Shen ,  $12.55  
  Mixture of chicken, beef and shrimp sauteed with fresh vegetables in a delicious brown sauce
   Sesame Chicken ,  $12.55  
  Crispy diced chicken coated with sesame seeds
   Lemon Chicken ,  $10.50  
  Tender boneless chicken breasts coated with lotus flour, fried to a golden brown and covered with a sweet lemon sauce
   Hunan Chicken ,  $10.50  
  Sliced chicken sauteed in a spicy sauce with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and baby corn
   Chicken with Cashew Nut ,  $10.50  
  Diced chicken stir-fried in a brown sauce with vegetables and honey roasted cashew nuts
   Chicken in Black Bean Sauce ,  $10.50  
  Sliced chicken breast sauteed with green peepers and onions in a spicy black beans sauce
   Kung Pao Chicken ,  $10.50  
  Diced chicken toss-fried in a spicy brown sauce with red chili peppers, vegetables and roasted peanuts
   Moo Goo Gai Pan ,  $10.50  
  Sliced chicken sautees with fresh mushrooms and vegetables in a white sauce
   Sweet and Sour Chicken ,  $10.50  
  Golden brown boneless chicken in a fruity sweet and sour sauce
   Chicken with Chili Pepper & Basil ,  $10.50  
  Sliced chicken stir- fried chili pepper and fresh basil
   Chicken with Galic Sauce ,  $10.50  
  Sliced tender chicken, stir fried water chestnus, peppers and tree mushrooms in a spicy galic sauce
   Pineapple Chicken, Thai Style ,  $12.95  
  Marinated chicken with fresh pineaple, carrots, green peppers and snow peas in a sweet and sour sauce
   Peking Duck ,  $28.00  
  young duck marinated in honey and spices, roasted until crispy and served with pancakes scallions and plum sauce
Hot & Pepper and Curry(Thai style)
   seafood pa-nang ,  $15.95  
   Shrimp Pa-nang ,  $12.95  
   Gang Ped (Red Curry) ,  $11.50  
  your choice of pork or chicken sauteed with bamboo shoots in a red curry and conconut milk sauce
   Pa-Nag Curry ,  $11.50  
  your choice of chicken or pork in a spicy pa-nang curry and coconut milk sauce
   Pud Pix Khing ,  $11.50  
  sauteed string beans in a spicy chili sauce with your choice of chicken or pork
   Pud Ped ,  $11.95  
  your choice of beef, chicken or pork toss-fried with hot chili peppers and bamboo shoots in a tasty garlic sauce
   Golde Phoenix ,  $12.95  
  tender boneless chicken breast, coated with lotus flour, fried to a golden brown and topped with a rich coconut curry sauce
   chicken with peanut sauce ,  $12.95  
  sliced white meat chicken in a creamy peanut sauce surrounded by broccli and cauliflower
   chicken with peppercorns ,  $12.95  
  sliced chicken breast sauteed with green peppercorns, onions and sliced bell peppers in a black pepper sauce
   chicken with prik pow sauce ,  $12.95  
  stir-fried chicken with chili paste, onion, basil
   chicken with pepper and tamarind sauce ,  $12.95  
  sliced chicken breast sauteed with bell pepper in tamarind sauce
   Ka Pow ,  $12.95  
  beef, chicken or pork sauteed with fresh red and green bell peppers and basil
   chu chee curry ,  $12.95  
   Crispy Duck Ka Pow ,  $14.95  
  sliced boneless duck, lightly coated with water chestnut flour, stir-fried with fresh chili peppers and basil
   crispy chicken ,  $12.95