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Best Kabob in Town
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Our Menu

 : lunch
   top quality essay writing servic $1.00  
   Cheese Omelet $4.59  
   Pancake Platter (2 pancakes,2 eggs and 2 bacons) $4.50  
   Fresh Bagel/Croissant/Muffin $1.59  
   Toast & Jelly $0.99  
   Bowl of cereal and milk $2.99  
   Two Eggs Sandwich $2.59  
   Side of Bacon or Hash Browns $1.59  
   Two Eggs & Cheese Sandwich $2.75  

Try our fresh halal doners. We cook them slowly in turning cone,slice at the spot and serve in a stone-baked pita

Same meat of doner served on flavored basmatic rice with garden salad, hummus, Tsatziki sauce and 1pc of a warm pita on side
 5 Beef & Lamb Platter $8.95  
 6 Chicken Platter $8.95  
 7 Mixed Platter $8.95  
 8 Chicken Kabob Platter $9.95  
  Tender chicken marinated, Skewered with fresh tomato,green pepper and onion

Your choice of dressing: Balsamic Vinaigarette,Ranch,Moroccan(spicy caeser),Caesar,Tsatziki sauce
   Greek Salad $5.99  
  Fresh mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, topped with Feta cheese, olive and our Greek vinaigrette
   Moroccan Salad $5.99  
  Spicy blends of finely chopped tomato, onion, pepper and parsley served with lemon
   House Salad $5.99  
  Fresh mixed greens with tomato, cucumber,carrot, mushroom, onion
   >>>Add Salad Meat for extra<<< $2.50  
  (chicken,beef, mixed meat,tuna)

   Hummus $4.99  
  Puree of chickpeas, tahini, galic, fresh lemon juice and a touch of olive oil served with fried pita bread
   French Fries $1.99  
   Cheese Fries $2.99  
   Rice $1.99  
   Dolma 5pcs $3.99  
  Marinaed wine leaves filled with rice served with Tsatziki

   Brownie $1.00  
   Haagen-Dazs $1.99  
   Cookies $1.00  
   Cheese Cake $2.95  
   Baklava $3.95  
  Sweet pastry baked with pistachio and dipped in honey

All meats are halal(kosher) cooked slowly in a turning cone
 1 Beef & lamb Doner $5.99  
  Donor made with halal beef and lamb served in a warm Pita bread with lettuce,tomato,onion and Tsatziki sauce
 2 Chicken Doner $5.99  
  Donor made with Halal Chicken served in a warm pita with lettuce,tomato,onion,and tsatziki sauce
 3 Mixed Dodor $5.99  
  served in a warm pita with lettuce,tomato,onion,and tsatziki sauce
 4 Falafel $4.99  
  2pcs of fried Falafel(seasoned chickpea)patties, served in a warm pita with humus,lettuce,tomato,onion,and tsatziki sauce
Make it a COMBO with French Fries, Salad, Steamed Vegetable or Rice, and a Fountain Drink
   Chicken Kabob Wrap $6.99  
 11 Turkey & Cheese $5.99  
  Turkey breast on toasted bread with cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato
 12 Chicken Salad Sandwich $5.99  
  Our homemade chicken salad on toasted bread with mayo,lettuce,tomato
   Tuna Sub $5.99  
  Fresh Tuna served in a warm Sub with lettuce,tomato,onion,and tsatziki sauce
   Hummus Sandwich $5.99  
   Veggie Roll $5.99  
   BLT $5.99  
 9 Steak & Cheese sub $6.99  
  Grilled steak with mozzarella cheese on sub bread with mayo, onion, lettuce, marinated tomato
 10 Tuna Sandwich $5.99  
  Our homemade tuna salad with mayo, lettuce and tomato
   Chicken Steak and Cheese $6.99  
   Tomato Soup $2.99  
  Turkish style,with fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese
   Soup of the day $2.99  
   Iced Tea $1.59  
   Coffee/ Hot Tea $1.59  
   Fountain Drink $1.59