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Our Menu

 : lunch
2 Egg Breakfast
(served with home fries & toast)
   examples of book reviews for college $3.89  
   with Bacon $4.59  
   with Sausage $4.59  
   with Ham $4.59  
   with Turkey $4.59  

Breakfast Sandwiches
(served on your choice of white, wheat, or english muffin)
   add cheese $0.60  
   Egg $2.79  
   Egg and Bacon $3.29  
   Egg and Bologna $3.29  
   Egg and Ham $3.29  
   Egg and Sausage $3.29  
   Egg and Scrapple $3.29  
   Egg and Turkey $3.29  
   Breakfast Burrito $4.59  
  (Western Omelette wrapped in soft burrito with salsa)
   on croissant $0.50  
   on bagel $0.50  

Breakfast Side Orders
   Bacon, Ham or Sausage $2.59  
   English Muffin $1.89  
   Toast $1.89  
   Bagel $2.19  
   Hot Buttered Croissant $2.39  
   Assorted Fresh Breakfast Pastries $2.39  
   Home Fries $2.39  
   Bagel and Cream Cheese $2.59  

white, rye, wheat, kaiser, wraps or sub roll
   add cheese $0.60  
   Ham & Cheese $6.99,  $8.99  
   Turkey Breast $6.99,  $8.99  
   Egg Salad $6.39,  $8.39  
   Crab Cake $7.39,  $9.39  
   Grilled Cheese $6.79  
  w/bacon or ham
   Chicken Salad $6.39,  $8.39  
   Tuna Salad $6.39,  $8.39  
   Grilled Cheese $4.39  
   BLT $5.39,  $7.39  
   Genoa Salami $6.99,  $8.99  
  served with onions and hot peppers
   add double meat portion $2.59  

Hot Stuff
   add egg $0.60  
   add cheese $0.60  
   Bar-B-Que Sub $6.99,  $8.99  
  with coleslaw
   Hamburger Sub $6.79,  $8.79  
  with LTM
   Cheeseburger Sub $6.79,  $8.79  
  with LTM
   Ham-n-Cheese $6.99,  $8.99  
  with LTM
   Roast Beef Sub $7.09,  $9.09  
  with LTM
   Chicken Philly $6.99,  $8.99  
  grilled chicken breast topped w/provolone, sauteed onion & LTM
   Steak-n-Cheese $6.99,  $8.99  
  rib eye steak, sauteed onion & LTM
   Steak-n-Mushroom $7.19,  $7.19  
  rib eye steak, sauteed onion & LTM
   Steak-n-Egg $7.19,  $9.19  
  rib eye steak, sauteed onion & LTM
   Meatball-n-Cheese $6.99,  $8.99  
  with pizza sauce and melted provolone
   Sausage-n-Cheese $6.99,  $8.99  
  italian sausage with LTM
   Filet of Haddock $6.99,  $8.99  
  with LTM
   add mushrooms $0.60  
   add hot peppers $0.60  
   add black olives $0.60  
   add green peppers $0.60  
   Steak-n-Cheese Parm $7.39,  $9.39  
  sauteed onion, pizza sauce, provolone
   Pepper Steak Supreme $7.39,  $9.39  
  sauteed onion, green peppers, mushrooms, provolone & LTM
   Steak Ham-n-Cheese $7.19,  $7.19  
  sauteed onion & LTM
   All American Steak $7.69,  $9.69  
  rib eye steak, American, sauteed onions, bacon & LTM
   Sausage-n-Cheese Parm $7.19,  $9.19  
  italian sausage, pizza sauce and melted provolone
   Chicken Parmesan $7.19,  $9.19  
  fresh chicken baked with pizza sauce & provolone
   Chicken Philly Supreme $7.19,  $9.19  
  grilled chicken breast, provolone, mushrooms, sauteed onions, green peppers, LTM
   All American Chicken $7.69,  $9.69  
  grilled chicken breast, American, sauteed onions, bacon & LTM

Platters include coleslaw and fries
   Gyro Sandwich $7.19  
  beef and lamb on pita bread with onion, tomato, cucumber sauce
   Chicken Gyro $7.19  
  seasoned chicken on pita w/LT & honey mustard dressing
   Chicken Souvlaki $7.19  
  seasoned chicken on pita w/feta, onions, LT & greek dressing
   Gyro Salad $7.89  
  beef and lamb served on a garden salad w/feta, onion & cucumber sauce

Dressings: Blue Cheese, Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Thousand Island, French, Oil & Vinegar, Creamy Italian, Italian, Fat Free Italian, Caesar
   Garden Salad $5.69  
   Tuna Salad $6.69  
   Egg Salad $6.69  
   Chicken Salad $6.69  
   Combo Salad $6.99  
   Chef Salad $7.39  
  fresh garden salad, ham, turkey w/provolone cheddar cheese
   Greek Salad $7.39  
  fresh garden salad, feta cheese, black olives & pepperoncini
   Grilled Chicken Salad $7.39  
  fresh garden salad w/seasoned chicken
   Grilled Chicken Fajita Salad $7.89  
  chicken breast grilled w/green peppers and onions topped w/provolone served on a bed of fresh greens
   Chicken Tender Salad $7.89  
  fresh garden salad topped with our own chicken tenders
   Caesar Salad $7.89  
  fresh romaine lettuce, seasoned chicken breast, croutons and Parmesan cheese

Fountain soda & bottled drinks.
   Fountain Drink $1.89  

3 Egg Omelettes
(served with home fries & toast)
   Plain $4.09  
   Cheese $4.29  
   Ham & Cheese $5.09  
   Turkey & Cheese $5.09  
   Sausage & Cheese $5.09  
   Bacon & Cheese $5.09  
   Veggie $5.29  
  (onion, green pepper, mushroom, cheese)
   Western $5.29  
  (ham, onion, green pepper, mushroom)
   Greek $5.79  
  (black olives, feta, gyro meat)
Hearty Country Platters
   French Toast $4.59  
  served with bacon, sausage or ham
   Hot Cakes $4.59  
  served with bacon, sausage or ham
   Chipped Beef-n-Gravy $5.29  
  served over toast w/home fries
   Sausage Gravy $5.29  
  served over toast with home fries
   Reuben $6.99,  $8.99  
  corned beef brisket, imported swiss, sauerkraut, russian grilled on rye
   Turkey Reuben $6.99,  $8.99  
  roasted turkey breast, imported swiss, saukerkraut, russian, grilled on rye
   Temptation $7.19,  $9.19  
  hot corned beef, swiss, coleslaw, russian, imported ham, genoa salami, provolone
   Hoagie $6.99,  $8.99  
  imported ham, genoa salami, provolone, onions, hot peppers, dressing
   Veggie $6.99,  $8.99  
  choice of american, provolone, or swiss, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, cucumber, LTM
   Tuna Melt $6.99,  $8.99  
  tuna and melted American w/LTM
   Turkey Melt $6.99,  $8.99  
  roasted turkey breast & provolone w/LTM
   Turkey Supreme $7.19,  $9.19  
  roasted turkey breast, provolone, coleslaw & russian
   Chicken Fajita $7.19,  $9.19  
  seasoned grilled chicken breast w/sauteed onions, green peppers, LTM, provolone
   Deli Supreme $7.69,  $9.69  
  roasted turkey breast, danish ham, roast beef, cheddar, LTM and dressing
   House Specialty $7.19,  $9.19  
  smoked turkey breast w/LT, honey mustard & provolone
   Lafayette Hero $7.19  
  roasted italian herb chicken, provolone, w/LT, pesto mayo
   Lafayatte Cajun Wrap $7.19  
  cajun turkey breast, swiss, LT, pesto mayo, rolled in a tortilla
   Lafayette Combo $7.19  
  turkey breast, Danish ham, swiss, w/LT, russian dressing
   Roast Beef Delight $7.69  
  grilled roast beef, sauteed onions, melted cheddar cheese, w/LT, and horseradish on grilled rye
   Chicken & Ham Combo $7.19  
  grilled marinated chicken breast, danish ham, melted swiss, w/LT and bleu cheese
   Cajun Steak-n-Cheese $7.19,  $9.19  
  rib eye steak, sauteed onion & LT, & our own dressing
   Cajun Chicken Philly $7.19,  $9.19  
  chicken breast, sauteed onions & LT, & our own dressing
(served w/pickle spear and chips)
   Turkey Club $7.59  
  turkey breast, bacon, swiss, LTM
   Ham Club $7.59  
  ham, bacon, LTM
   Roast Beef Club $7.59  
  choice roast beef, bacon, LTM
   Esquire Club $7.59  
  choice roast beef, turkey, bacon, LTM
   Lafayette Club $7.59  
  Danish ham, turkey, bacon, LTM
   The Quad Club $8.59  
  roast beef, turkey, danish ham, bacon, LTM
   Turkey Burger $6.99  
  1/3 lb ground turkey, kaiser roll, LT, light mayo
   Garden Burger $6.99  
  topped with lettuce, tomato, and light mayo ... try it with pizza sauce!
   Grilled Chicken Parmesan Sub $7.39,  $9.39  
  grilled chicken, sauteed onions, green peppers, mushrooms, marinara sauce
   Veggie Delight Sub $7.19  
  sliced onions, green peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, sprouts, LT, light russian
   Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Salad $7.89  
  greek salad topped with grilled marinated chicken, light greek dressing
   Orange Chicken Salad $7.89  
  fresh spinach and greens topped with grilled orange glazed chicken, orange slices, italian dressing
   Deluxe Hamburger $6.39  
  5oz. fresh ground beef w/LTM
   Deluxe Cheeseburger $6.79  
  5oz. fresh ground beef w/LTM
   Bacon & Cheese Burger $7.19  
  5oz. fresh ground beef w/LTM
   Grilled Chicken on Kaiser Roll $6.99  
  seasoned breast w/LTM
   Lafayette Griller $7.19  
  seasoned & topped w/cheddar, coleslaw, russian
   Bacon Chicken $7.19  
  seasoned breast w/cheddar, bacon and LTM
   Mushroom Chicken $7.19  
  seasoned & topped w/mushrooms, cheddar, LTM
   Bar-B-Que Chicken $6.99  
  seasoned breast w/provolone and LTM
   Chicken Fingers $6.79  
   Popcorn Shrimp $6.79  
   Battered Fish $6.79  
   Steak Fries $2.59  
   Onion Rings $2.89  
   Garlic Bread $2.59  
   Garlic Bread w/cheese $3.29  
   Soup of the Day $3.79  
   Mozzarella Sticks $3.99  
   Potato Salad $2.59  
   Macaroni Salad $2.59  
   Coleslaw $2.59